How It Works


Africa is a home for approximately 17% of the world's population. However, less than 1% of Africa's population has the opportunity, exposer and capability to nurture their talents and skills for further growth and economic independency. At Abrro Afrika, we identify and approach those skilled but disadvantaged populations, and provide them with the market opportunity to grow their skills, talents and businesses.


Entrepreneurship is not an easy road. Although our venders are highly skilled, there will always be a room for continued improvement. At Abrro Afrika, we provide only the best products to our costumers. Therefore, we help our venders understand and address their weaknesses, in order to expand their insights, creativities and abilities into making high quality products.


Once we review finished products for quality and durability, we verify the authenticity of the talents behind the product. Our aim is not just to promote products, but also to empower the people who are making the products. We believe promoting entrepreneurship and creating alternative income generating method is more crucial now as the traditional way of employment is failing and already depleted.


Coronavirus (Covid 19) has put a significant strain on the already fragile African economy- leading to further Job losses and unemployment. It is estimated more than 150 million jobs (especially the informal sector) will be greatly affected in Africa. Our apprenticeship program is designed where each vender agree to provide training to one unskilled individual in their community, after every ten product sold on our website. We believe “every expert today was once a beginner!”.

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